12 Months of Blogging by Galen Mooney

12 Months of Blogging

12 Monthly Blogging Prompts to Attract Quality Clients for Service-Based Business Owners.

What's included?

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Topic: Service Focused Round-Up Post
January Blog Post Topic Overview
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January Post Planning Workbook
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Topic: Behind the Scenes (Outlining Your Process)
February Blog Post Topic Overview
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February Post Planning Workbook
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Topic: Why You Should Hire a Professional
March Blog Post Topic Overview
66.3 KB
March Post Planning Workbook
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Topic: Addressing a Common Concern or Objection
April Blog Post Topic Overview
55.6 KB
April Post Planning Workbook
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Topic: List of Helpful Resources for Your Ideal Client
May Blog Post Topic Overview
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May Post Planner
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Topic: Promote a special offer or discount
June Blog Post Topic Overview
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June Post Planner
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Planning with Notion
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Creating Newsletters in Flodesk 1
(1h 25m 47s)
Creating Newsletters in Flodesk 2
(1h 10m 17s)